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Dear Sisters,
Hello and many loving greetings to you all from Togo/Benin. How are you all my dear sisters? Although you are far from me but we are so close together and united in our prayers. When I think of you I always see the sun and say, Ohhhh God, that same sun my sisters and family members saw it in PNG I’m seeing it also. How good you are my God. I thank you for your prayerful support my dear sisters. Let’s pray for each other, for prayers keeps us united and keeps us going in our mission. For Gods Mission is our Mission. Wherever you are, I greet you all. Yes, right now, we on holiday. The new schooling year starts only in September. All the children are home for holiday, only pastoral activities so I’m kind of busy in the garden. And besides it’s also rainy season so we have to plant many things to keep for the dry season. So good to see all the plants green again. My dear sisters, I’m doing fine and enjoying my mission in Benin. We are still 3 sisters in Benin and 17 in Togo. Our number has gone down to 20 but we have hope that it will grow as we have now vocation in Togo. We have 3 novices in Ghana, hopefully on December they will make their first vows. And 5 postulants, 2 second year and 3 first year. We have around 16 aspirants, they are all from Togo. Today one new sister is arriving from India and end of the month 2 are coming from Indonesia. So thank God, we’ll have more sisters. Finally, we’ll be having our Regional Assembly next week, 17-20 August. Please remember us in your prayers.
Ok, I think I’ll stop here. Greetings to you all my sisters in PNG and around the world also if you get my email. United we stand, divided we fall. United in prayers In the love of the Holy Spirit.

Catherine SSpS

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